Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Can't Beat These Prices

Dear Ladies,

I was so excited when a new Aldi Food Market opened in Stafford. Eric first introduced me to Aldi when we were newly weds. There is an Aldi just down the street from his childhood home. At the time you could only find stores in the Midwest, so we would stock up on a few things and take it home. We found the canned fruit to be very cheap and we blended it up for baby food. Now Aldi has expanded and they are much easier to find, but I never thought we would get one in Stafford.

For this letter I just wanted to share a little with you about this unique store. You wouldn't find everything you need at Aldi, but for the staple items their prices are great. Be sure to a have a quarter with you to unlock a grocery cart and bring bags for your groceries. If you need to you can purchase bags for .05 for paper and .10 for nice large plastic bags that can be reused or pick up a box while shopping. The majority of the products are in boxes on pallets, nothing fancy in this store. Most products are the Aldi store brand, but for the most part everything is good quality.

The only product my family doesn't really likes is the cheapest spaghetti sauce, but it has been a long time since we have tried it. Below is a list of a few products and the prices, so you can get an idea of what items cost.
Large box of corn flakes $1.19
A pound of bacon $1.99
A dozen of large eggs $1.25
A bag of tortilla chips $.99
A 16oz of shredded cheddar cheese $2.99
A pound of butter $1.99
A large jug of 100% cranberry juice $2.49

Sometimes I buy my meat at Aldi, but I've found that when meat is on sale at Giant it is a better price and that Wegmans has the best price on ground beef.

Aldi also sells fresh produce, but if you're shopping for organic foods you wouldn't find much.

For those of you who don't live in Stafford, you can check the website for a location near you.

One last thing, you have to pay with a debit card or cash.

Happy shopping ladies. I would love to know what you think.


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