Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Laundry Room

My laundry room is a mess. It needs to be de-junked and re-organized. I've been planning to do this for several days, but it hasn't happened.
Most of my day was filled with completing school work, so it is always hard to do a large project. In the afternoon I began dinner preparation and headed up to the doctor's office for our bi-monthly allergy injections. (the oldest and youngest son). This can take us an hour, by the time we wait for the nurse and then wait 20 minutes afterwards, as a preventive measure if one should have a reaction to the injection. We arrived home just a few seconds before Eric. My middle boy, Jacob, put the casserole in the oven for me while we were gone, so dinner was almost ready. After dinner we check the status of the racers we are watching in the Iditarod and finished watching the movie Ivanhoe(suppliment to our history). Now it is time to kiss everyone goodnight and head to bed.

So needless to say the laundry room is still a mess. Maybe tommorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

There is No Super Mom at My House

I call my blog "Mom Like You", because I'm just an average mom. There is no supermom at our house.

I'm sure some homes have them, but not ours. I guess when they were giving out the talents for supermoms I missed out. I try to make bread, but it doesn't always rise. I sew, but rarely. I clean, but it usually has the lived in look and full laundry baskets are often part of the decor.

I'm just a mom, probably a lot like you. I do a lot of the same things every day. Directing school work, preparing for dinner or cleaning, laundry, settling or stopping disagreements and cuddling my kiddos.

We are late starters in the morning. I try to get up before the children, so I can have some quiet time reading and praying. At 8am I begin waking everyone up. Eric is long gone, leaving most days before the sun is up in order to avoid sitting in traffic during his hour long commute to work.

Waking my slumbering kiddos can take 20 minutes. After their personal quite time, they eat breakfast, do some chores and get started on their school work.

Each child has an assignment sheet of seat work to accomplish. Some days we accomplish it all, but we don't allow the sheets to rule our lives. The assignment sheets give my children the direction they need to get their work done each day and they like being able to check off the work they have accomplished.Sometime between noon and 1pm we have lunch, on a good day I have started dinner preparation and the children have their assignment sheets completed. Our favorite thing to do in the afternoon is read together. I choose a book that either compliments what we our studying in history or a fiction book just for fun. The children work enjoy building with Legos or drawing while they listen. I begin the reading, but when I get tired the children take turns.Most of the times I don't get much done during the day other then some housework and helping the children with school. However I wouldn't change a thing. I like the relaxed approach we now have about school and I love the opportunity to have all my children with me all day. I don't regret not being a supermom, I just want to be the best mom that God created me to be.
Blessings until next time,


Welcome to my blog. I hope to share with you about our homeschooling adventure. In our 10+ years of schooling our children we have learned a great deal and we continue to learn each day. We have 3 sons and 1 daughter that we adopted from Haiti(that's a story for another day). The children range in age from 16 down to 9. We started homeschooling when our oldest was only 4 (my first mistake,not homeschooling starting him at 4).
We have lived in Virginia for the past 15 years. Originally I'm from NY and my husband,Eric, is from IL. We have a variety of animals that keep us company including a dog, 7 homing pigeons, a rabbit, a cocktail and some fish.
In future entries I will share with you what our days are like, about our animals, our approach to schooling and what we are learning along the way. We believe strongly that God's has called us to a life style of homeschooling and we depend on His direction as we travel along.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon

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